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Сто второй год Первого Германского Тысячелетия. Охотничьи угодья Главного Лесничего Рейха лорда Ганса фон Хакельнберга.

Прелестный лес, чудесный свежий воздух.

Но охота здесь странная. И дичь непривычная.

Одна из ранних, и одна не из самых плохих, альтернативок на тему "Гитлер-победитель".

“Paston Hall, with its beautiful and extensive grounds,” so ran the Prospectus, “stands in a high and healthy situation, and while the School is surrounded on all sides by charmingly wooded, unspoilt country which ensures complete tranquillity, communication with the pleasant old−world market−town of Pentabridge is easy and regular.... The girls are encouraged to lead a varied outdoor life, which includes gardening, games and riding, under careful supervision.... Particular attention is paid to individual training in habits of mind and person, such as intelligent observation, initiative, acceptance of responsibility.... Entire charge is taken of pupils whose parents are abroad.”

We can be pretty certain that our literary tastes are arrived at not so much by conscious choice as in response to the less-than-conscious demands of our temperament. Thus the reader of westerns isn't in the first place concerned with a particular stretch of American history, nor does he simply want a fast narrative with plenty of action. What he likes, I imagine, is hearing about a special kind of heroic society and a special, simplified code of morality and honor. The idea of gun law satisfies his nature in a way that tough ethics or private-eye ethics, for instance, can't. The same sort of process, with its different sets of results, is at work in the mind of the science-fiction addict and the fantasy addict.